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HDFC Bank blocked and disabled my credit card for alleged "forex trading".

A year and a half ago, I got a call from a person from HDFC bank who offered me a free no yearly fee credit card. They said that since you have a salary account with us, you are eligible for this offer.
I was not specifically looking for a credit card, but since they said it was free, I agreed. So after a few calls, they sent a card home. The card had a limit of ₹100,000, but was of Diners, so was not accepted in most of the places. No wonder, I didn't use the card much.
A few days from that, a dude calls me and tells me that out of the ₹100,000 limit you got, ₹15,000 is blocked and unusable. To unblock that amount, you have to purchase a health insurance policy from us for two years, and after two years, you will get back the whole ₹15,000 as reward points which you can withdraw or use. This is where things started to get a bit fishy. When purchasing the card, this wasn't told to me. They also added a card protection plan called OneAssist, worth around ₹2000, which wasn't also told to me in the beginning.
So I asked the guy what will happen if I don't purchase the policy. He told we are going to charge ₹15,000 from you anyway (a big red flag), so it's better that you purchase the policy from us. You are getting it essentially for free, since you will get back the amount after two years.
I didnt have a health insurance policy then, and the rate they were offering was comparable to the rates provided if I buy the policy independently, so I agreed. They started charging every month around ₹650 (₹500 principal + around ₹150 interest + taxes) and this was to go on for 2 years.
But it didn't. Last month, they blocked and closed my credit card. I got no intimation about it from them either via phone or email, and I had to call them and wait for 30 minutes before I could speak to an actual human being and know what happened. The outstanding of the health insurance amount was foreclosed (amounting to around ₹6500 with charges and taxes) and I was liable to pay for it by the end of free credit period.
I was told that my card was disabled because of forex trading on 13th of August. When I asked there is no transaction on that particular date, they told that the system detected it was a illegal transaction, and blocked it right away. I am pretty sure that they were outright lying, I rarely used the Diners credit card for anything, statement after statement, the only charge was that of health insurance emi. I kept it only for emergency purpose, incase I suddenly need cash someday.
I know this was pretty much a scam, just to sell the health insurance policy and that OneAssist thingy that no one will otherwise buy. Question is, is there something I can do about it, legally? When I asked them about proof that some illegal transaction took place, like the online website where that transaction happened, they said they can't disclose it.
How to prevent getting duped by such scammy procedures? And can banks close credit cards right away, without giving any proof to customers? What if the outstanding was a high amount, which I wouldn't be able to pay in a month? Can they foreclose emis at their will, and make their customers go under debt trap?
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